Regular Programming

Monday thru Friday

Gio and Jones                                                                          6:00 am
Dan Patrick Show                                                                   9:00 am
The Herd with Colin Cowherd                                         12:00 pm
The Doug Gottlieb Show                                                      3:00 pm
The “DA” Show                                                                         6:00 pm
Going Deep with Amani & Dan                                       10:00 pm
Up Late with Jason Page                                                      1:00 am
After Hours with Amy Lawrence                                     5:00 am


ViewPoints                                                                              6:00 am
ViewPoints                                                                              6:30 am
Safety Blitz with Rodney Harrison                                7:00 am
NBC Sports Radio                                                                 9:00 am
CBS Sports Radio                                                                12:00 pm


NBC Sports Radio                                                                8:00 am
CBS Sports Radio                                                               12:00 pm