Tight End Jordan Reed retiring from NFL due to issues from concussions

Former Washington Football Team tight end Jordan Reed announced his retirement from the NFL because of lingering issues from multiple concussions suffered throughout his career.

The 30-year-old Reed visited Orlando’s Plasticity Center in late winter for a brain scan, and said based on the results it was recommended he retire. Reed said: “Before when I had a concussion I would feel better afterwards and I wouldn’t have lingering effects. If I didn’t have any symptoms I would have kept playing. I’m OK with it because I know the reason why I’m making the choice is for family and my children, so I can be there for them. It’s just time.”

Reed played seven seasons with Washington and spent last year with San Francisco, catching 355 passes with 28 touchdowns in a career plagued by injuries. He played 10 games with the 49ers last season, catching 26 passes. Injuries limited Reed throughout his career; he suffered at least seven documented concussions and dealt with soft-tissue injuries as well as knee and toe issues. Fractures in his big toes led to him needing surgery and affected his game over multiple seasons.

Reed retiring from NFL over concussion issues

Via www.espn.com